Layer 227 - Secure • Reliable • Scalable - Data and Voice Networks



Price: $3,995 Canadian (plus applicable taxes)
Length: 4 days
Number: A502
Delivery: Instructor-led, hands-on
Prerequisite Courses: None

Course Description

This course is complemented by lectures and hands-on labs for the Ethernet Routing Switch (8600) using version 5.x software.  Conceptual and procedural information regarding: switch administration and management through the CLI, NNCLI, and Java Device Manager; Switch Redundancy concepts including IST, MLT, SMLT, and SSMLT;  Layer 2 concepts including VLANs and Spanning Tree; and Layer 3 concepts consisting of VRRP, RSMLT, RIP, OSPF, and PIM-SM will be discussed.  The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch supports a diverse range of network architectures and protocols that students will have firsthand knowledge and experience working with.

Topics new to version 5 include; Avaya RS modules (successor to the R module), NNCLI (standardized command line interface), VRF-Lite (switch virtualization), IP VPN, and IP VPN-Lite (alternative to MPLS).

Intended Audience

This course is designed for technical support personnel who are required to maintain a network consisting of Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches.  Users who are new to the Ethernet Routing Switch will gain firsthand knowledge and experience of the 8600.

Prerequisite Skills

Practical understanding of Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP routing protocols, and experience with networking infrastructure products including bridges, switches, and routers are recommended, as well as a solid understanding of TCP/IP.

Course Outline

  • Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch Overview
  • Switch Management, Configuration, and Monitoring via CLI, NNCLI, and Device Manager
  • Avaya Hardware Modules
  • Multi Link Trunking (MLT)
  • Split-Multi Link Trunking (SMLT)
  • VLANs and Spanning Tree
  • DHCP Relay
  • VRRP
  • RIP & OSPF
  • QoS & Traffic prioritization
  • Routed Split-Multi Link Trunking (RSMLT)
  • VRF-Lite
  • IP VPN and IP VPN-Lite
  • CPU High Availability
  • Multicast Protocols
  • Diagnostics
  • Security and Management
  • Network Monitoring

On-site Delivery

This course can also be delivered at your site for $19.995 Canadian. This price covers six students, and the cost for each additional student is $1,995. The equipment required for customer site delivery of this course is:

  • Classroom set-up with minimum of 500 square feet for eight people
  • Projections surface
  • White board with markers
  • Environment suitable for learning