Layer 227 - Secure • Reliable • Scalable - Data and Voice Networks


Security Design and Integration

Security today is vastly different from prior years. Where once organizations relied strictly on firewalls to protect them from the Internet, today security is integral to all aspects of the business. Organizations must protect their assets and knowledge base from both internal and external threats. This fundamental change has dramatically attributed to the way in which modern security infrastructures are built. Layer 227 incorporates all aspects of security into their design. Starting with layer 4-7 switching as the common infrastructure, thus allowing security components like firewalls, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, anti-virus and content filtering to be added in a manner that is both reliable, scalable, and secure. As well, your processes and policies are evaluated to make certain that your network is completely secure. Layer 227’s rigorous approach insures that your network is fully protected and that your business cannot be compromised - while still making it easy to manage

  • Security infrastructure assessment
  • Development of security architecture
  • Procurement services
  • Implementation
  • Project management and testing
  • Capacity planning and testing