Layer 227 - Secure • Reliable • Scalable - Data and Voice Networks

About Us

Layer 227 Inc. builds next-generation, secured networks, providing our clients with a solid foundation to support evolving technology, applications and security requirements.

By employing a comprehensive, solutions-based approach to both network design and security architecture, we create reliable, transparent and scalable networks for Canada’s top financial, government, Telco, and educational customers.

Layer 227 is home to many of the industry’s top consultants, network architects and security specialists. By partnering with leading manufacturers and solutions providers, and by maintaining an unwavering focus on our commitment to customer satisfaction, we deliver world-class network and security services.

Security that Scales with Your Network

Today’s corporate networks are built to be scalable, reliable and redundant. Security is also a prime consideration, but often security architectures will not evolve to support your ever-changing network and applications environment.

The results can be catastrophic.

As an integral part of your network, your security infrastructure must be able to scale and evolve to support ever-faster access speeds and more complex applications. The bulletproof reliability and instant fail-over capabilities built into your network must support a security environment that is seamless and transparent, causing no delays for your users and creating no negative impacts on your business.

A Comprehensive Approach

At Layer 227, we look beyond your existing network and security infrastructure, and focus on your business. What are the requirements of your external and internal customers? How will new business initiatives and new applications affect your network and security requirements?

We offer an expert team of business consultants, network architects and security specialists, all well-versed in every aspect of network communications and technologies. And of course Layer 227 works closely with industry-leading hardware, software and solutions providers.

The result? Whether it’s consulting, network and security design, implementation or training, Layer 227 provides a comprehensive solution that is tailored to meet your evolving business requirements.

Our Ongoing Commitment

At Layer 227, we take pride in our ability to deliver world class network and security solutions with integrity, respect, and excellence. That means an unerring focus on quality, and an ongoing commitment to improving our skills and our service delivery to our customers.

And most of all, it means that we’re not satisfied until you are.